Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Easy International Support with Zendesk and Translation Cloud

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Easy International Support with Zendesk and Translation Cloud

International customers require support in their native language and an understanding of local customs. Easy International Support with Zendesk and Translation Cloud is the perfect solution for companies looking to offer first-class service to their international audience.

Zendesk allows businesses to provide personalized customer service across three channels: web, phone, and email. Teams can easily customize messages, build self-service options, and manage customer conversations. With Zendesk’s support platform, businesses can respond quickly to customers in their native language without having to learn another language themselves.

Translation Cloud helps teams accurately translate content from one language to another. Their state-of-the-art translation technology ensures that documents, emails, and other customer service materials are perfectly translated. With Translation Cloud, businesses can quickly build a global presence by offering content in multiple languages.

Level Up Your Support: Leverage Translation Cloud and Zendesk for Effortless International Support

Providing customer service in multiple languages can seem like an overwhelming task to tackle. But with the right tools, you can make international support simple. By combining Zendesk Translation Cloud, you can make sure your customers get fast and accurate translations of their inquiries so you can provide them with a high-quality experience no matter what language they speak.

Zendesk is an industry-leading customer service platform that allows you to easily manage, respond to, and track customer inquiries with ease. With its powerful ticketing system, you can quickly access previous conversations and save time by responding faster. It also offers a range of integrations to help you automate your customer service process.

Translation Cloud is a translation automation platform that automates and accelerates the translation of unstructured documents, such as customer inquiries. It uses AI-powered machine translation together with human post-editing to ensure accuracy and consistency while also reducing costs and turnaround times.

Going Global? Use Zendesk and Translation Cloud to Offer Seamless International Customer Support

When businesses expand across the globe, they often face the challenge of ensuring customer satisfaction when it comes to international customers. Language barriers, cultural differences and time zones can make it difficult to provide the same level of support as in the home country. Zendesk and Translation Cloud offer a solution that helps businesses bridge language gaps and provide seamless customer support to their international customers.

Zendesk is a customer service platform that can be tailored for use in multiple countries, enabling businesses to provide localized support without having to manage separate services for each location. Zendesk’s multilingual capabilities mean that agents can communicate with customers in the language they feel most comfortable using while still providing a consistent customer experience.

Translation Cloud is an AI-powered translation platform that helps businesses break down language barriers and extend their reach to global audiences. With Translation Cloud, businesses can quickly translate content into multiple languages and ensure that customers in all countries receive localized support. The platform provides accurate translations quickly, allowing businesses to respond promptly to customer queries regardless of language.

By using both Zendesk and Translation Cloud, businesses can provide a seamless customer experience to their international customers and ensure that they receive the same level of service as those in their home country.

Eliminate Language Barriers with Zendesk and Translation Cloud for Smooth International Support

Ensuring customer support for international customers is a must for global businesses, but language barriers can make it difficult. With Zendesk and Translation Cloud, you can now eliminate language barriers so that you can provide quick and smooth international customer support.

Zendesk’s multilingual capabilities allow agents to communicate with customers in their native language, while Translation Cloud uses machine translation to provide customers with automatic translations of incoming support requests in their native language. By using Zendesk and Translation Cloud together, customer service agents can quickly respond to customers’ inquiries without worrying about language barriers getting in the way.

This combination also makes it easy for you to manage international customer support. With Zendesk and Translation Cloud, you can create customised templates for agents to use when responding to customers in different languages. This way, agents don’t have to manually translate responses for each customer, saving them time and ensuring consistency across all customer interactions.

Furthermore, Translation Cloud’s machine translation capabilities make it easy to provide customers with quick and accurate translations. The translation engine is highly customisable, allowing you to adjust accuracy levels depending on the type of content being translated. This way, you can ensure that customer support responses are always accurate and up-to-date.


Eliminating language barriers with Zendesk and Translation Cloud makes it easier than ever for you to provide smooth international customer support. With the ability to quickly and accurately respond to customers in their native language, you can ensure that all of your customers are receiving the best possible service.